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Cloud Services

Reduce CAPEX spending while reducing dependence on energy costs

Moving your data room to the cloud will save money on new data equipment, annual licenses, electricity, power redundancy, HVAC and technical resources. If you have specific requirements that will disallow cloud hosting, no problem!  We can configure a hybrid scenario that will work for you.  Also, going to the cloud can provide your company the tightest network security that can be accomplished.  Let's talk!
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    Bandwidth and Network Services
    Adaptive Intelligence has partner relationships with some of the most powerful Master Agents in the United States. We have access to 75+ carriers and service providers that deliver their services via broadband Ethernet, fiber optics, cable, satellite and microwave networks. In considering that no one service is guaranteed to function 100% of the time, we always offer some proven solutions to mitigate bandwidth failure. Whether your needs are to be simply provide redundancy with multi-WAN backup, load balancing, MPLS/VPLS or even more sophisticated -- Software Defined Networks (SDN), we have the technical expertise to deliver, implement and maintain our value proposition. We keep our clients "in business"!
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    Bandwidth Assurance / Business Continuity
    The exponential growth of new "software defined" services, i.e., SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, virtual machines, storage, data backup, etc., is pushing broadband capacity to its absolute limits. Latency and jitter issues must be held to a minimum. Network outages,obviously must be quelled expediently! Globally, businesses rely on Office 365, Salesforce, Email, Google Apps, VDI, etc. to be operational. These services, combined with voice / video communications, require real-time apps running at optimal levels. Multi-WAN redundancy is a must. Being able to monitor bandwidth performance, 24/7 from both the customers' and the network providers' perspective detail the difference. Without these elements in place, businesses may soon find that they are operating at their own peril. Our clients are provided several options to increase their network assurance.
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    IP / UC Telephony
    Our experience in telephony is extensive and evidenced in longevity. We have had the pleasure and displeasure to have had been involved with many iterations of analog, digital and VoIP (Internet Telephony) technology from both customer premise equipment to hosted service models. That said, we have gathered an extensive database of systems, services, operational history and support service metrics. Needless to say, we have narrowed down to a chosen few, systems and hosted providers that we would recommend to our valuable clients. By rule, our target market is within the realm of SMBs and we are able to help our customers decide on which system/service to chose in their best interests.
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    Productivity Suites
    Microsoft Office 365 is perhaps the fastest growing product in the company's existence. Its exponential acceptance is spearheading one of the most dynamic paradigm shifts in the history of business communications. This prolific statement is based on the wide range of services and efficacies that streamline and integrate so many disparate applications into a single product. In addition to the obvious set of office suite products, e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, they have taken this product to the next level, i.e., integration of voice and video. Skype for Business is one of the most powerful business tools ever invented. The full benefits of UC (Unified Communications) has been realized. S4B is a full mash-up of features that allows for seamless. integration and transformational abilities to communicate at any place and time zone.
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    Mobility and mobile devices are clear evidence that the 21st Century has arrived. Whether your "smart" device is a phone, tablet, or laptop and/or runs on iOS, Android, Windows OS (or whatever else may be in the upcoming future), must be compatible with UC concepts (voice, data, video, IM and presence) to be seriously considered as part of any business ecology. As we are now a global, mobile society, business is no longer limited to 9 to 5-hour work days and certainly not within the confines of a single location or work space. The net result of which has forced us to be "on deck" to perform, participate and collaborate with customers and colleagues "on the fly" as we travel or are away from the office.No matter what your mobile integration needs might be, we have a variety of solutions to enhance your business operations.
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    Network Security
    We can never have enough network security, whether it be online, over the internet or within the very walls of the facilities we call work or home. Hackers and hacker gangs (yes... gangs!), from all over the world are constantly challenging the merits of our firewalls to either steal credit card information, personal IDs and/or vital company secrets. The fact of the matter is that these signature-attacks are perpetually being written and revised to cause havoc and global terrorism. The majority of corporations do not have the technical wherewithal nor financial resources to mitigate Zero Day attacks before the damages have been incurred. Let's face it, how many times have we seen or read about some very well known businesses and institutions succumb to such threats. As well, you can only imagine the expense to rectify these network infrastructures, along the subsequent fines and penalties that usually follow. Don't be a victim of circumstance or neglect! Let us assist you in finding the right solution to protect your business.